Newspaper Articles - English


Saroyan and the Photographer
by Dickran Kouymjian
Hye Sharzhoom, CFUS
December, 1981

2400 Attend Saroyan Tribute
by Shirley Armbruster
The Fresno Bee
July 27, 1981

Tribute To SAROYAN
by Ronald Reagan, The President of the United States
The Fresno Bee
July 26, 1981

Saroyan: the rebel became a writer to reform the world
Translation to English from an article, “Saroyan Va A La Escuela” pubished in “La Estafeta Literaria,” on March 1, 1977, in Madrid, Spain
by Oscar Gomez-Vidal
The Fresno Bee
July 26, 1981

Saroyan on film
A photographer's dream come true

by Dennis Pollock
The Fresno Bee
July 26, 1981

Author William Saroyan dies
Cancer kills famed novelist, playwright
His death brings sadness to his home -- Fresno

by Mark Najarian and Jim Boren
The Fresno Bee
May 19, 1981