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William Saroyan the Man the Writer

A documentary film on the life and works of internationally renowned Armenian-American writer, playwright and humanitarian, William Saroyan. The story highlights Saroyan's personal life, his essence, character and philosophy, his works, his message to the world, and the undying love and passion he felt for both his native country as an American, and for the country of his forefathers, as an Armenian.

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William Saroyan Biography

img-saroyanhome2 William Saroyan
USA/USSR Stamp Portrait
Photographed by Paul Kalinian (c)
March 26, 1976

Making of the Film

When photographer Paul Kalinian first met William Saroyan, neither of them could have guessed the meeting would one-day result in a feature-length, award-winning documentary film about the Pulitzer Prize winner's life and works. Nor would it occur to either of them that the portraits taken by Kalinian would, 15 years later, inspire the design for the Commemorative Postal Stamps issued by the USA and the USSR.

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Director Paul Kalinian’s Bio | Producer Dr. Susie Kalinian’s Bio